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NOTE: As of December 2010 this site will not be updated.

Photos of logging in Kananaskis

Old Baldy Pass TrailThis is a recreation trail. It may look like a road, but last November it was a trail - part of the Trans Canada Trail. This is how the multi-use policy in Kananaskis works. It's a train wreck in the wilderness.

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FSC Certification

As of December 2012, Spray Lakes Sawmills is conducting a massive deforestration of West Bragg Creek. Spray Lakes is a "bad actor" in the forestry industry. They were refused a "Forest Stewardship Certificate" due to their irresponsible management of the forest.


They have reapplied for an FSC and I'm sure they have made the appropriate contributions to the appropriate people, but you should know they don't deserve the Forest Management Agreement (FMA) they "won" from Alberta Sustainable Resource Arrangement. During the 2014 operation they sent trucks down the West Bragg Creek road in contravention of their agreement not to do so. Their FSC should be revoked.

  • Spray Lake Sawmills is planning to clear cut over 700 hectares of trees in the West Bragg Creek area of Kananaskis Country?
  • That can also be measured as:
  • 1,700 acres
  • 7 square kilometers
  • 7 million square meters - that’s enough space to easily fit 7 million people!
  • 1,300 football fields
  • Logging is planned to start this summer (2012) and is expected to take about 9 months to complete.
  • These logging cut blocks will be located directly next to or surrounding at least 25 kms of recreational ski, cycling, equestrian, hiking and snowshoeing trails.

Slideshow overview of the issues involved in logging Kananaskis

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Plan for Parks

Tourism Parks and Recreation released a new "blueprint for managing parks" on April 20, 2009. They talk about providing recreational opportunities and protecting the land. Like the LUF these are great words, but do they mean anything? They mean nothing for Northeastern Kananaskis as it isn't a park.

You can get the plan here

Provincial Recreation Areas Management Plan

Our response to the Draft Management Plan.

proposed park

More information



In 2003 Doug Sephton that would be me, was invited to attend a Spray Slakes Sawmills workshop where they annonced their intention to develop their "Detailed Forest Management Plan". It was clear this would have a devastating effect on the northeastern part of Kananaskis.


If the Trees Could Talk

What do you think they would say?

You can speak for them

KanQuiz Results

The Save Kananaskis survey

kanquizWe got 151 responses from a broad cross-section of people. All agreed with our proposal to create a park in Northeastern Kananaskis. As you will see, there are hard-core mountain bikers, nature lovers, scientists, lots of just plain folks and even a few loggers.

Note: All personal info has been deleted from these documents.

Download a 4-page brief

Read the responses- Part 1 & 2 provide a representative summary or get the text or spreadsheet files to see all the data.

See the online quiz

Protect it now!

Socioeconomic conditions have changed over the 60 years that Spray Lakes Sawmills has been logging the area. Kananaskis was only created 29 years ago. Over 1/2-million people now visit the Elbow Valley annually. 1-million people live 1/2-hour away. In forty-five years (half the time it will take clearcuts to recover) the suburbs of Calgary will reach the Kananaskis border.

Our Mandate

Our goal is to create a park that provides a rewarding experience for people; it should contribute to a secure water supply and a stable, natural habitat for wildlife. This will protect and promote the social, economic, and environmental interests of Albertans, in particular, the recreation and tourism users of the area, and the businesses that provide them with products and services