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Building on the success of the Tag A Tree campaign, but recognizing that our goals to stop logging and create a park have not been realized, we plan to keep this issue in front of the government and to build support with more people who share our concern.

The Save Kananaskis group

We're a group of individuals who care about Kananaskis. To us, Kananaskis is a place for people, wildlife, nature – not industry. We are an ad hoc group of concerned citizens.

The primary mandate of the Save Kananaskis group is to create a park in the eastern districts of Kananaskis Country, including the Sheep, Elbow and Sibbald districts. At this time, our mandate does NOT include decisions about the specific type of park it should be. We will devote all our energy to the general principle of a park.


One of our goals is to create a park that provides a rewarding experience for recreation and tourism; it should contribute to a secure and high quality water supply; and it should provide a stable, natural habitat for wildlife.

Other important goals are to protect and promote the social, economic, and environmental interests of Albertans, in particular, the recreation and tourism users of the area, and the businesses that provide them with products and services.

Objectives include:

  • have all new industrial activity in the area cease immediately
  • producing information in print and electronic form to raise awareness of the need for a park and the reasons why it's needed
  • attending meetings and using public appearances to draw attention to the issue
  • building a network of contacts with people, media, organizations, experts and others who can help further the interests of the group
  • speak and act on behalf of individuals and groups who have social, economic or environmental interests in Kananaskis