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We care about Kananaskis

Usually we use technical arguments to frame this logging issue. The mountain pine beetle, forest fires, forest ecosystem and watershed management are important issues, but the government sometimes uses them as a diversion. Hundreds of people wrote letters citing the impact logging will have on the water supply, recreation, tourism and related businesses as issues of concern. Many wrote of their passion for the place. These letters had no effect on the Alberta Government. We'd like to refocus on issues of the heart.

The Save Kananaskis campaign began because we care about Kananaskis and nature. It is painful to see the scarred landscape logging leaves behind, and to reflect on the senseless degradation of water quality, recreation and natural habitat that logging so close to Calgary produces. A walk in the forest invigorates and provides respite from the intense stresses of the city. There is beauty in the foothills forest. We play, get fit, learn, grow and find joy in the wilderness. It sustains us.

deer target

"The biggest threat against wildlife is the loss of habitat due to the encroachment of development, whether it be expansion of cities, oil & gas or forestry - there will be no place for them to live."
Hunting for Tomorrow

On July 30, Sustainable Resource Development Minister, Ted Morton, approved a plan to clear-cut vast tracts of the Kananaskis forest.

On September 14, he approved the annual Provincial Hunting Day.

Dr. Morton's sustainable management policies seem to be contradictory.