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Illustration by Claudio D'Angelo


The Kananaskis Questionnaire

We received 135 completed quizzes by the January 15 deadline set by the Kananaskis administration. See the what people said

This survey was intended to provide Kananaskis with meaningful public input from kids, parents outdoors people, nature lovers - anyone who has ever visited Kananaskis. We'd also like to hear from business people who rely on Kananaskis for income.

We wanted to know how people felt about Kananaskis - what kind of relationship they have with this special place. We thought we might read that their family learned a life-lesson there. They might have drawn strength and determination from an adventure in the wilderness. We learn, grow, get fit, decompress and draw sustenance from Kananaskis and it only takes 1/2-hour to get there from Calgary. That's pretty special, and we want the K-Country administration to know who goes there, what they do there and why.

We published the results here and we used them to encourage outdoor and environmental interest groups as well as related businesses to support our campaign to create a park in Kananaskis.

IMPORTANT! This quiz was prepared by the Save Kananaskis group. The part titled "K-Country Administration Questionnaire" contains questions from their survey form, but we've interpreted them to make them easier to understand. When people submited the form, a copy will be sent to Kananaskis and to us. The deadline for K-Country was January 15, 2008. You can find the official K-Country survey here: http://www.savekananaskis.ca/pdf/kcquest.pdf.