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If the trees could talk, they'd say . . .

These are some of the comments we've received. We reserve the right ignore anything we deam unsuitable.

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They can feel the loss of just one single tree,

the loss of many weights heavy on them. The energy underground is released through the trees we need more trees for this balance of energy to be released in strength. A strength that was much more powerful before clear cutting and man interfered!


Without Us . . .

Without us, your home will be a dessert, you will have poisonous water, bare mountain rock, incredibly hot temperatures, terrible storms, and no air to breathe, no food to eat, no wood to build your homes. You need us to live. Soon, there will be no forests left for you to destroy. What will you do then?



I'll help save the planet.



Grade 1C Students Louis Riel School

Please don't cut me down - Hunter.
If you cut me down you won't have any clean air - Erin.
Don't cut me down, or else there will not be any fresh water to drink - Akalya.
Don't cut me down; save Kananaskis - Liam M.

nooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, please don't cut me down, i give life, so why do you take mine?


Please leave me alone

I want to live out my normal lifespan so I can be a home for the birds and protection for the wildlife that live in the forest. Humans come from great distances to walk, hike, horseback ride or cycle on the paths that wind through our home. It takes such a long time for one of us to reach maturity. Please, once again, leave me alone. - B.A.

How can the trees talk if there are no trees left?



That dog just peed on me!

I wanted to get the important stuff out of the way, right off the bat.

What were they thinking?

Here we are out here, just 20 minutes from a city of 1-million people, who rely on us to provide clean water, beautiful scenery and great recreational opportunities and those dumb bunnies in the cushy government offices go and give the logging company the authority to decide where, when and how many of us they're going to kill this year.


What's that grunting sound?

Oh wait, it's another rider pushing his bike up the hill! Man, I love this spot. Right up on the side of the hill, I can watch all these bozos push, grunt and struggle to get past me!

Hahaha! I could sit here all day and watch

We're trying to help you

We take in all the extra carbon dioxide, and now you're going to cut us down and release all that into the air? What are you thinking? We are trying to help you. - R.O.


there are other ways of getting wood that is less harmful to the enviornment and wood should be recycled more and made it to plywood.

i think you need to slow down on the logging, sure theres a demand for it and we sure do need the wood but not as much as they've been logging lately and they should consider where they log and how they log it.

Do NOT chop me down. I supply air and shelters for the hundreds of animals. You are ruining an enviroment because of what you want to do. If you do end up cutting some of us down, dont take out a whole section, just thin the forest out a little bit. Just a LITTLE bit.