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Logging in Kananaskis

Logging in Kananaskis has been ongoing since the 1950s. That's one of the arguments for continued logging. We think the world has changed and land use policies should change too. Kananaskis didn't exist until 1978 and the population of the city of Calgary, now about 1-million, was just 104,000 in 1948 (206,000 by 1958). There are now residents in Bragg Creek that commute to the city, returning home to see the forested foothills from their livingroom windows. Their problem is the disappearing forests. Clearcuts are creeping across the landscape and they worry the value of their homes will be affected.

Logging in McLean Creek

McLean Creek deer

McLean Creek hillside

McLean Creek roadside

McLean Creek slash

McLean Creek erosion

Logging along the Powderface Trail

powderface trail from Prairie Mountain