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How important is the visual appeal of Kananaskis?



paramount - it is critical to the trail experience.

Hugely...for those who use it for recreation, for surrounding communities who depend on it as a visitor attraction, for real estate values in the area.

Huge!!!! It is one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Extremely important. Who would want to go hiking or skiing in an area that is clear-cut?

Very Important! Every European I've met says how much they like it because it is pristine. They all say Protect it, cause once it's gone, it's gone forever.

To a local who's been visiting KC for the last 19 years the visual appeal of KC is one of nostalgia or solace for me.

Relatively high... but it's not supposed to be a National Park. Think long-term and think about an evolving landscape. I'd rather see a bit of logging than a widespread pine beetle-wildfire disaster. Don't forget that most of the popular hiking/skiing areas are or were actively logged and or mined over the past 50 years. This is both why they have trails and why the areas have

Very important.


natural is beauutiful

Very Important

Extremely important.

Of the utmost importance, peoeple do not travel to places to see cut blocks, they go for the nature

The visual appeal is a big part of how people feel when they visit Kananaskis. If it looks ugly people won't feel as good or want to visit Kananaskis as much. This will affect the people themselves, and tourism.

Vital. It is a jewel

It's everything!!! The only reason about 500,000 Calgarians visit Eastern K-Country (Elbow Valley) is BECAUSE of the visual appeal - I doubt very much that these Calgarians flock to see the newest cut block on their weekend camping trips...


Very, it is a great area to enjoy and have access to. If it starts to look more commercialized it will become like areas up aroudn Hinton where logging and oil use give the area a feel of industrial rather than natural


High importance to refresh my own soul and be proud of what my province has done.

It is the first forest you come across as you leave Calgary on the trans canada highway and as such it serves as a vibrant link to the foothills. It is very important

Very important. Eco-tourism works elsewhere in the world, why not here?

I like to think that the views are what draw people to the Kananaskis. Without the view what would draw people in. Its well known that Canada's Rocky Mountains are some of the most spectacular and sought after scenery in the world. The limited and narow scope of a few industry businesses threatens to ruin one of our countries greatest natural assets. It might interest you to know that Tourism is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Why not create a sustainable tourism plan for the area that would help produce revenue for the communities in Kananaskis, the provincial and the federal government. If we don't promote tourism and get people to come see this natural wonder then we leave it wide open to industry to do what they will. A need has to be created.