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What is the best way to ensure a diverse and healthy environment for plants and animals?

Stop logging and keep development to a minimum. Stop leasing the land to ranchers for grazing.

Exclude industrial users; allow natural disturbances to continue (i.e., fire, insects, forest diseases).

We must be sure to manage these resources in a way that is sustainable for the long term, and not for quick economic gain. If resource extraction is unavoidable, it must be done with minimal impact.

Create parks, protect wildlife and plants through legislation, limit development.

severely limit human incursion into such areas, with any human activity being no-impact, to low-impact. this means no hunting, fishing, logging, mining, recreational vehicles, etc....

Would it cost too much though.

Understand that KC's biodiversity depends on the all of the natural flora and fauna working together. When one or many parts are removed the systems suffers as a whole.

A comprehensive management plan that includes recreation, habitat protection,and forestry in balance that results in a mixture of habitats and forest cover, while generally protecting watershed and recreational values.

don't take their current environment away from them; it's pretty simple really; leave it alone; the concept of man needing to manage everything is very misguided.

Halt all logging / mining / gas exploration. Restrict motorized vehicle access. Halt all activities that interfere with watershed quality.

I realize in the growing population and growing needs of this nation and world for that matter, we cannot expect the Kananaskis to be completely devoid of people and interactions thereof but there has to be some accountability and sustainability so that we have a future. I propose that we have the Kananaskis set aside as a national park so that we can control the impact that we have. Having vehicles and ATV in the countryside should be regulated. if we are to have resources taken from the k coutry it should be selective so that other activities can be maintained, such as hiking, biking, and climbing. There are compromises and ways to make this an environment that can be shared.

Minimal human development. Allowing recreational access for people to see the environment and understand why it must be conserved.

Leave it alone.

Manage the ecosystem with a big picture perspective

Monitor use and adjust management plans

Set up specific land use areas limiting the ability of industry to lay waste to pristine wildlife.

Logging plays a crutial role as there is an absense of fire on landscape which mother nature uses to replenish the forest. Logging essentially allows for this diversity by giving the forest to restart as was intially intented.

Implement a moratorium on logging and oil and gas exploration. Also, continual environmental and biodiversity assessments to hone in on places that need added protection or repair.