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Is it time to change boundaries and jurisdiction? How?

I believe the foothills region is a very fragile and increasingly limited resource. If we could make the rest of the Kananaskis area into a park to help preserve many of the features that draw us all there, then many more Albertans will be able to enjoy it long into the future.

Some area could be consolidated. We had to apply to two different juristictions for approval to host a MTB race on Moose Mountain simply because Moose Packers and Tom Snow trails are in different zones.

create a park, involve local groups and community in the handling on their neighborhood. Don't let oil company and loggers to handle something that is for everyone to enjoy. Don't be ridiculous about the percentage of K country protected, is mostly above the tree lines !! Protect What is used and enjoyable, the forests

Not sure about boundaries, but the mandate should be changed. I'd rather have a park than multi-use area.

not sure but if it will protect k coutry for future - yes. how - i am not qualified to answer this.

It seems there is conflict between the present Kananaskis administration and the objectives of Sustainable Resource Development Department. I dont think the Minister truly understands the meaning of the word sustainable. This is a problem! If anything, give more jurisdiction to the K. Admin. to protect the park and surrounding areas in perpetuity.

The boundaries of the park need to be increased to enclose all of the luciouse forest we have.

More of K-country needs to be designated as park.


No idea!

No, the area is just fine the way it is.

increase the boundaries of protected areas in kananaskis, and start to invest in the area as a natural park as opposed to a resource to be exploited

I'm not sure how to aswer this other than to say I think at least temporary protected status is needed until we can all sit down at the table and hash this one out. Currently everything is happening out of desperation while the forest is being chopped down. From past experience, acting in haste is no way to make decisions that will affect future generations. A moratorium on logging and other industrial activities in Kananaskis should be made and a round table meeting should ensue to get all of the cards on the table.