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Ranchers use Kananaskis to graze cattle. Is that a problem or benefit?


It's a problem. Cattle grazing is a novel disturbance, with different impacts from native grazers. Instead, native herbivores (ungulates, ground squirrels, etc) are to be preferred.

not a concern at this point

no problem, but not a benefit.

I can' tsee how grazing is ever a benefit other than to the cattle rancher. I understand some of these leases have been in place for sometime. My suggestion is honour them, of course, but when they run out, don't renew

I think it's a benefit, there are many open meadows and they help keep the fire hazard down.
Environmentally a benefit, for users I can see some believing it is a problem

I think that watersheds are being compromised because of cattle (as well, the trees which are killed when their bark is stripped). Then, of course, there's the amount of manure one stumbles over/through on many of the trails. That, too, is disconcerting...I don't really see any benefit at all! What's wrong with all the rangeland to the east of K-Country (away from the forests)? Seems like there's alot more grass to eat out there...

Grandfathering existing leases and restricting additional lease areas would likely be good. Monitoring impacts would be good.

Both good and bad. They need the natural resources, but at the same time they use up and pollute the natural resources.

Can be a problem as cattle have negative impacts on watercourses and tend to over browse certain areas and neglect others

Problem: water shed protection and the damage they do to the wet trails is terrible

not a benefit as they are not a native species to the kananaskis ecosystems

If done right it could be a huge benefit. Cattle need to be moved around a lot so grass is not trampled. It will then regenerate very quickly, providing even more grazing.

Again it depends on the sustainability of the operation. If cattle grazing in the area are causing irreperable damage and the river systems, flora and fauna are suffering as a result then yes, I would say it is a problem.