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K-Country is interesting because it represents a chance for a large population to connect with the wilderness. It gives young and old alike a chance to learn about and interact with the ecosystem, to catch a glimpse of the many unique species found here.

Interesting? Everything about K-Country is interesting and worth preserving. What is wrong with it? Put simply, nothing....rather it is the individuals who are deciding its fate that are are in the wrong.

Kananaskis is a middle ground between the relentless development of Calgary and the severely restricted use of the National Parks (e.g. Banff park).

k-country is a unique and accessible backcountry. it is beautiful and occasionally remote, and my favorite place in the world. logging it clear is a travesty for both users and the environment. creating a national park and disallowing access would be an equal tragedy. there is room for all user groups if the plan is fair and balanced.

Stop clearcuts. If it must be logged use selective methods. I think its too late already, they ruined a beautiful place.

The natural areas are most interesting. Water is important and will become more so in the future and everything possible should be done to protect it and conserve it and its watersheds in the area. Wrong? Lack of legal protected status.'

I think the biggest problem is to many user groups and they are all on different pages. There needs to be more communication between groups and an effort to give the best for all groups, which will require some sacrifices for all parties to make sure it's fair for all.

GOOD: The fantastic scenery and recreational opportunities in a wilderness setting. BAD: Grazing cattle and clearcut logging. There is nothing appealing about these.

the mountains, the peacefulness, the animals, the clean water

K-Country is interesting for its diversity, sheer beauty, and it's accesibility for recreationists to play in a relatively wild area. What's wrong with K-Country is not the park itself, but governments bowing to commercial pressures. We need true stewardship and protection here - not short-sighted profiteering.

I just like riding my bike there. less trees means I'm going somewhere else plain and simple.