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Should we protect cultural, historical, palaeontological resources?


Of course - within realistic limits.

Yes, if they exist.

These resources should be preserved in the same sense as the natural resources should be preserved so future generations can share in these resources.

Yes, all of those.

Ask experts in this field and they'll tell you. Then LISTEN!

Very much so!

Identify those location and include them within protected areas.


Yes, the cultural, historical and palaeontological resources are important and worth protecting. They are less important than the environment itself, but more important than resource exploitation.


within reason and agreement of all user groups.

Yes- of course- this is canadaian heritage

Yes. These things are important.

yes no culture,history,palaeontology there is nothing

To some degree

Yes. So long as it's not, for example, theFirst Sour Gas Well' on Moose Mtn., etc.

Yes we should. They are part of us and our heritage

Absolutely. They are irreplaceable

Of course.



Depends on what it is,...but generally yes.

Absolutely ! What a dumb question !

absolutely. again, the First Nations position/advice must be considered as their history of the land in which we live has been theirs and they understand it's nuances best

Absolutely, these are an important part of the history that helped develop this land.

Definitely. Without knowledge of the past, we are lost for the future.

YES! How else are we to understand the significance of the area to all user groups such as the First Nations.

Protect everything you can.