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What is the role of First Nations in Kananaskis?

THe FIrst NAtions have never shown any regard for the environment; their impact must be minimized.

First Nations have a lot of valuable input towards the historical use of the land and the wildlife and plant life that interact in the area. They have been able to live sustainably off the land for a long time, and they can provide valuable input for the way we use the area also.

Their role is important and special but they should be held to the same level of commitment to avoiding resource and tourist over-development.

Don't know

I am not aware of any First Nation input right now, but would encourage it and give it priority over that from others, as long as their priority is to protect the area. If they want to promotedevelopment, I would try to prevent that.

I don't know but I was saddened to see a gigantic gambling facility being built next to Highway #1.

If portions of K Country are deemed historically sacred then First Nations Should have a stewardship role to ensure future development and industrial destruction are eliminated

Keep Kananaskis a public land for the recreation and enjoyment of all.

I don't know.

Unfortunately, I have seen only the negative sides of the First Nations use. They are as bad or worse abusers in terms of disrespect for the land, garbage left behind, animals shot out of season etc, than the non-First Nations users.

they are users in every sense (economic, land and recreational). their opinions and input are extremely important.

they're in it for revenue, so they're biased towards resource development, through logging, gravel 0perations, etc.

I think First Nations have an opportunity for economic development. From creating campsites on their land, to hosting guided tours and seminars.

Don't believe there is any... They could help promote & educate what that land was used for hundreds of years ago, but I don't see them interested in that.

They should have a say and be at the table for all planning and long term planning along with Environmentalists, municipalities etc.

They could have an interpretive centre

The same role as any Canadian citizen or respectful visitor to the area.

it isn't there park. they have their land and have put up a casino. they should not be invovled with the park

They should provide valuable input and help to manage the land.

Support, knowledge, employment and preservation.

To protect and respect the land. I have reservations about their right to hunt year round.
not much that i can see, except for them allowing clear cutting

If this is their land then they should be involved in maintaining it, otherwise, give them jobs in a new Park to help preserve it.

I'm not entirely sure what area of Kananaskis is comprised of traditional First Nations Lands. However traditionally these people were stewards of the land. Unfortunatley through oppression, segregation, and loss of tradition and culture they were quickly bought out and left to dwell, for instance, in the hole we call the Morley Reserve. They should be encouraged to help develop education programs that not only enlighten those who are not First Nations about their cultures and traditions but also the ways in which they live with the land rather then way the land is being exploited.