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Fishing and hunting is restricted in some areas. Is this good or bad?

Very good.

It's good to control the amount of fishing and hunting done - but only so animals remain stable and their species flourish.

Good, it is a very delicate balance.

Good, BUT restriction are useless if not enforced!!!

These activities are unnatural (whatever hunters and fishermen may claim to the contrary) and should not be allowed. Maybe, as a compromise, it might be allowed without too much damage in some fringe areas. might

Hunting & fishing should be managed in the Forest Land Use areas, including some restrictions, based on habitat and wildlife management needs. However, there is no need to ban these activities.

Good. Hunters shouldn't be allowed near people. Fishing is OK

Management of these activities is necessary in order to prevent over harvesting. Given that, unless the habitat is better managed and preserved there may not be any hunting or fishing to be undertaken

I think its a good thing because some areas are much more delicate of an ecosystem than other areas. Hunting and fishing are great outdoor activities. But they must be managed

Fishing is ok but no hunting should be allowed.

Fishing and hunting should be used as a measure to cull animal and fish populations that are high for a given area. If restrictions are in place to allow a population to grow then those restrictions make sense and I would say they are a good thing.


very good




This is good, there should be no hunting at all in the area.