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The forest is important for the health an appeal of Kananaskis. Is it being managed well?

Clear-cutting is forest destruction.

Not at all. Clear-cut logging, cattle grazing, and oil & gas well sites/pipelines all degrade forest health. We need natural process to determine forest health (as they have for the past millenia).

Evidently not at the moment.



Not Really. IF they logged it like the firebreaks in Canmore were done, it wouldn't be a problem for me. The areas still are forested, but a lot of trees were taken, and the underbrush was cleared, but the area is still beautiful to look at. Five yrs later, it would look like it was left alone.

It depends on what your definition is for manage? If logging is a form of management then I do not think so. It is perhaps time for a shift in thinking and realization that Natural ecosystems can manage themselves if given the chance

Clear cut logging is not forest management, it is economic managment. All logging requires access roads and disturbs wildlife habitat and should not be permitted in this area.

Absolutely. Albertans are very lucky to have a company like Spray Lake Sawmills having the harvest rights in the area. Their employees are local, live in the areas and have a genuine concern for the wellbeing of the entire K-Country

no, clear cutting is not good management of forest.

Not sure. I don't think clear cutting is the way to go. Naturally forests go through stages of death, but the falling of trees provides nutrients through decay back to the soils and allows for primary, secondary and tertiary flora and fauna development

Not at all. Mutli-use activities just doesn't work as a model anymore in this rapidly growing province.

Again, I think the logging operations are not being managed properly.

No. Too much clear-cut logging.

Until recently it appeared yes; however, the most recent plans and activity are over the Top and should be stopped. If the goverment has to compensate the forestry industry or Oil and Gas Co's for stopping their activities here then as a taxpayer I would support that.

I think it has been but I worry about the long-term effects of the logging industry.

Currently, under Ted Morton, it is being abysmally managed. Case in point, the logging debacle undergoing right now, which flies in the face of science. This is a shameful display of short-sightedness.

Not from the information I have read, not from the pictures I have seen, and not from my physical experience. Clear cutting is a poor way to manage what could be a renewable resource. A quick buck in somebodies pocket does not equal a benefit to the environment or the user groups involved with the area.