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What can be done to make your time in Kananaskis more rewarding - events, activities, information, guides, tours, etc.

Leave it as it is.

Increased signage in common areas and trails to make the public more aware of the natural resources and history in the area. Things such as interpretive trails, yearly festivals that promote sustainable use of the area, and interpretive guides or an information center.

More educational nature events for a variety of ages at a low cost or no cost. Providing information in the form of brochures, articles.

A once-a-day bus charter from Calgary in the morning & back in the evening during the summer season, for those without cars. Or, if this is not feasible, create a web site to coordinate carpooling.

That's up to me. I go out there to enjoy nature, not somebody's idea on entertainment

I enjoy the informational walking trails

You could allow the Trans-Rockies race organizers let in more riders so they can break even for the costs involved. We lost that race to BC cause the Gov't is "protecting" the environment.

Group camp fees are making it difficult for social youth groups to come out to KC. These fees are regulated through the Provincial Government and the private contractors. A discount for non-profit groups like Scouts needs to be arranged.

Less people. Let's not make this into another amusement park. This should be kept as a mostly wild and natural area.

Nothing I reward myself with the views and senery whilst climbing.

I enjoy it as it is but it could always use more frequent trail maintenance.

leave it alone

I just like how it reminds me that I'm a part of nature to - that I belong and that I'm also a steward.

Information centre has lots of great infomation. could post daily reports for K country on a website.

nothing. I don't like too much programming. That's what Banff is for. Maybe more & better maps.

More public info on the natural areas, how the public can protect them while in the park and what they can do as a volunteer or donator to protect the area and nature in it while not in the park.

Information officers, nature walks, more support for outdoor groups

Races - mtn bike and running

Re-opened shut down information buildings. Also need more signage or replace existing signage which is old.

I'm a freeride/downhill mounain biker, some trails would be great

Keep it open and free for use

More guided tours would be great as well as interpretive trails. More trail for young families as well.

Make it into a full park status area, that way we can enjoy it for generations to come

inform the public of the vast and beautiful wilderness on their doorstep. If people are going to take action then they need to know what they stand to lose, and why they should care. Apparently (although our government does not reflect this) the environment and it's protection are the most important topics for Canadians. Why not capitalize on this fact. Develop an MPHIA type program for guides, interpreters and any other officail who comes in contact with the public. Dissemination of information is paramount to get people involved