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Are you concerned about your safety or the impact of industrial/agricultural activities?

Safety - no. Industrial activity - absolutely none unless limited tree cuts are necessary for wildlife management purposes and even then only on a highly controlled and very targeted basis.

Very concerned, I am surprised the development has gone this far, it's apalling

I am concerned about how the current logging in the area is going to affect the habitat connectivity for a lot of the local wildlife, and the impact it is going to have on the water quality. As well, from the oil and gas extraction in the area, I am concerned about the potential for sour gas blowouts that may occur while I am hiking and biking in the valleys.

Very concern about industrial activities. HS2 wells easy to access, if someone want to play with gas pipe we could be in trouble .... What about a drunk ATV driver that smash into a valve ?
Yes, about the impact of industrial/agricultural activities, so-called pine-beetleremediation', motorized vehicles


My safety? NO, Impact? Yes

Somewhat. I don't like logged out areas, cause the confusion all the roads cause getting us lost out in the middle of nowhere even when we have a map.

Low impact activities ie hiking, biking, x country skiing are endangered and impacted by industrial activity. Have you ever come around the corner of an old fire road on your Mtn Bike and been nearly run down by a well site operator in his 4 x 4 Pick up?

Yes, I'm concerned about my safety from the sour gas wells in the area, as well as from the effects of logging on the water and air and aesthetics of the area.

Yes - cows chasing me

I am VERY concerned about the impacts of INDUSTRIAL activities - some grazing is not a bad thing, but there should be no industrial use of this area.

of course! these are potentially dangerous and destructive activities. there is a way to balance these issues however.

I would be concerned about my safety in an area that was being actively logged - this restricts my travel in Kananaskis country.

as long as everyone is kept accountable and is reasonable in their use - no.

Yes - industrial and agricultural activities significantly impact the area

Cows in Kananaskis? I hate to think about what's being washed into our watershed from those cows. And Clearcuts on the pretty mountain sides? I am definately concerned about my mental health in this issue.

ABSOLUTELY!!! This has been a concern for my family and I since we moved to Alberta seven years ago.

I am concerned about my safety when ATV's are around and also during hunting season. I am not in favour of ag or industrial use as it degrades the critical habitat of the eastern slopes.

No, your website show pictures of signage put in place to ensure all trail users are aware of any industrial activities in the area.

Absolutely. The logging trucks pose a constant threat, as well as the questionable environmental policies that surround the various oil and gas explorations within K-Country.

I'm not concerned about my safety however I am concerned about the industrial/ agricultural activities. I will start to get concerned if logging continues to clear cut undermining stable slopes in areas where recreational usage occurs. I would also be concerned about the proximity of a sour gas well in close proximity to a water source that is paramount to ecological integrity and that also is a source of water for a greater population of people. I don't trust industry to make good decisions with the environements and the people's best interests in mind. In fact it has already shown that it does not make good decisions ie. the reason for this survey