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What new facilities and/or programs are needed?

Some huts for a hut-to-hut experience might be wonderful. Simple, inexpensive and possibly commercially operated, summer and winter (if we get any snow!).

More parks, maintained trails, appropriate toilets

I'm happy with existing facilities

More education programs are needed (not only within the boundaries of Kananaskis, but also in the regular elementary and junior high school curricula) to counter the dominant redneck mentality about making a quick buck out of everything.

Education Programs. Some bike riders think killing trees and making jumpe is OK, when it is not! I disagree with them building trails wherever they think they can!

Generally, many unofficial trails need to be formally recognized as official trials and then be properly signed and maintained.

no new facilities.

No new facilities are needed. But a program about the benefits of intact, contiguous forests is desperately needed. A Ministry of Environment should be one which espouses conservation and protection of wild places. All I've ever heard from the government is how forests should bemanaged' (for profit-sake, one may surmise)...

New trail maintaince progreams are needed.

Eco Tours, back country tours

Current facilities are excellent. More programs are needed to promote an appreciation for how special this area is.

Eduation programmes regarding the intricacy of ecology in Kananaskis country, our impact as humans using the area, and our responsibility in conserving it. It may have escaped some people but without an environment to support us we will cease to exist. Its that simple.