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mooseKanQuiz Results

We asked for input on a variety of topics from creating a park to forest management. This, in response to a call from the Kananaskis administration for comments on a management plan review. They asked for comments to be provided by January 15, 2008. On that day we sent them a spreadsheet with 135 completed surveys. We got input from mountain bikers, environmentalists, nature lovers, families and even a few industrial users.

We admit to a bias to end industrial use of Kananaskis. That said, we tried to present a representative summary of the responses. We also tried to include comment from industrial users even though they wouldn't have counted in a statistical average.

As of January 23, 2008 we have recieved 151 completed surveys. We have six versions of the results:

Brief Summary: We did our best to condense the 84-pages of data into an attractive and accessible document. We got it down to 4-pages.

Part 1 - Responses to the Save Kananaskis questions; the things we thought might help establish the relationship people have to Kananaskis

Part 2 - The Kananaskis administration questions; the issues that will shape the management plan for the Provincial Recreation Areas (PRAs) in Northeastern Kananaskis. As many of these issues don't apply to the trailheads, campsites and day use areas (PRAs) we asked people to consider the entire area when responding.

The Data - A data file of all responses. The personal contact info has been removed. These files can be opened in any spreadsheet program, like Microsoft Excel. This is the best way to review the data as you can scan topics by scrolling down columns or you can see what an individual thinks by scrolling across rows.
An Excel spreadsheet file
Tab Separated data - (a CSV file)

Text file - The spreadsheet is an overwhelming amount of data. Due to the different amount of text in each cell, it's a huge file (over 280 pages), so we have massaged the file into a compressed Acrobat text file that will print on 84 pages. All of the data from the first 135 responses (those submitted to Kananaskis in response to their request for input) is included.

Summarry of the KanQuiz Results - basically a combination of Parts 1 and 2 (above) in an Acrobat file you can download and save.