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KanQuiz Results

moosePart 1 - The Save Kananaskis Questions.

Part 2 - The Kananaskis Administration topics

Summary of Results (Parts 1 & 2) in an Acrobat document (printable)

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Of the 151 questionnaires filled in online, all of respondents said they would like to create a park and six said they thought logging in the park would be OK. A few didn't choose.

During this current round of controversy (January 2008) over the start of logging in Sibbald and the destruction of a portion of the Trans Canada Trail (Lusk Creek/Old Baldy Pass), the overwhelming majority of respondents said there should be no industrial activity in Kananaskis.

This report looks at the general popularity of ideas expressed on each of the questions asked. It doesn't look at the views of individuals, except for the three who earned income from logging and the two who earned income from oil & gas. Apart from their views on multi-use, they were pretty typical users of Kananaskis.

How often do you visit in the summer/winter?

Respondents were either frequent or regular visitors in the summer with a smattering of occasional and the odd infrequent responses. Things were a little more mixed in the winter, ranked; regular, occasional, infrequent and the odd frequent.

What's your favourite?


Pick a trail, any trail, and it's someone's favourite. Not really a fair question. Quite a few people couldn't choose; they like them all. We were surprised by the number of times trails in Sibbald were mentioned.


Most respondents hike or mountain bike and ski in the winter. There was a bit of everything; scrambling, horseback riding, photography, camping, snowshoeing, walking, jogging, rock/ice climbing, mountain climbing, canoeing, running, Kayak, swimming, sight seeing, backcountry camping, motorbiking and rafting. No one mentioned hunting or fishing, although when questioned specifically about these activities, many thought them OK.


The favourite place question was again unfair. We got a bit of everywhere with Kananaskis and West Bragg Creek predominant. The top of a mountain or hill seems to be a popular destination, although Barrier Lake and Elbow Falls were mentioned a few times. Interesting that Allen Bill and Elbow Falls, the most frequently visited, were not mentioned most frequently. It appears that our respondents might be characterized as the "hard core" - both because they can get to the top and because they do it a lot.


Bears won out as the favourite wildlife, with moose not far behind. The diversity of wildlife present in Kananaskis was present in the quiz. Here's a sampling: wolf, moose, elk, cougar, deer, voles, bighorn sheep, mountain goats, chipmunks, lynx, grouse and birds in general, wild horses, cutthroat trout and fish, insects and squirrels.

The most beautiful thing in Kananaskis?

The mountains and trees won out with expansive views, everything and all of Kananaskis frequently mentioned. Here are a few notable quotes; the trees after a light snow fall, clouds and sunrise from a mountain top, untouched natural landscapes, rivers, solitude 20 minutes from home, beautiful vistas & wildlife viewing, relaxation, exercise, the water, the air, the wildlife, the peace and quiet, wild flowers, silence in the trees, marsh and meadows.

What's the ugliest?

No contest - clear-cuts are the ugliest thing in Kananaskis, with human impacts and oil and gas mentioned less frequently. A few extraordinary items: cattle, cowpies, machinery, compressor plants, Bragg Creek, tree tags.

What's the most fun you've ever had there?

Many people noted unique hiking and biking adventures; often under difficult conditions. It's impossible to report all the unique individual comments; here are a few: being completely content . . . stress free, censored!, hiking and a picnic with a moose looking on, camping with my friends, racing sticks in the streams with my kids, doing my fieldwork, I ride K-country several times a week all summer, Take school groups there twice annually to expose them to arguably the most beautiful place on earth.

Ever had a bad day?

Most people want to be able to continue to enjoy Kananaskis as it is without logging. Some wanted more mountain biking and trails, another wanted to have a say, and be heard!!! Several said, show it to my kids, grandchildren and future generations in 40 to 50 years.

What activities do you enjoy?

We should have had an "all of the above choice" for the "what activities" question. Many enjoy several activities (an average of 5). Five respondents use OHVs, a few hunt (8) lots more fish (17) and lots ride horseback (16), but hiking, biking and skiing top the list.

Other activities?

Those who didn't have enough to do cited paragliding, walk the dogs, ice climbing, kayaking, bird watching, snow shoe, photography, painting, taking my blind and special needs friends for walks and X-C skiing and refresh my soul as things they'd like to do.

If you had a $million to spend, what would you do with it?

The common idea was to spend the $million to protect K-country from logging and restrict oil/gas development. There was a more or less evenly split between those who would use the money to keep it as it is (hire conservation officers, restrict access, educate people and maintain it) and those who would use it to upgrade trails, facilities (toilets, campgrounds), education and interpretation and repair the damage done.

Would you pay an entrance fee?

101-Yes, 25-No, 9-no answer.

What's missing?

The political will to preserve the area as a park! Strict usage policy. A lot of people like it just as it is.

What shouldn't be there?

We don't need industrial development, particularly logging and oil and gas, or commercial development like golf courses and hotels. Several people mentioned motorized vehicles and cattle.

What's broken? How can it be fixed?

Our attitude - need to value wild spaces as they are, not as a resource to be mined / logged. Wee need a government that listens to the people. We need better trail maintenance. Reforestation.

What's most important?

A large majority (75) said nature conservation was the most important interest in Kananaskis. Recreation (37) came next with all of the above (16) which would add industrial development and agriculture pulling up the rear. One person said agriculture.

Do you depend on Kananaskis for income?

Eleven people said they earn income from Kananaskis. Four people through recreation. Three people said logging. One of those said the Tag-A-Tree signs were ugly and we don't need environmentalists. The other said we need better integration of users, ongoing monitoring and good forest management practices. The third said, both recreation and industrial activity should be acceptable and there is no problem with the multi-use policy. Of the two who earned income from oil & gas, one saw a need for a better balance between user groups, the other thought the multi-use policy wasn't working and that there should be less development and more preservation.

Part 2 - Kananaskis Administration topics