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Kananaskis Administration topics KanQuiz results

The Kananaskis administration (Alberta Tourism, Parks, Recreation and Culture) asked for input they could use to develop a Management Plan for Provincial Recreation Areas in Northeastern Kananaskis and Bragg Creek Provincial Park. We asked respondents to consider the entire area when answering these questions. We selected a representative sample of responses on each of the topics contained in their request for comment sheet.

What is the best way to ensure a diverse and healthy environment for plants and animals?

The Elbow and Bow Rivers supply Calgary's water. What should we do to ensure the quality and quantity of water?

What can be done to make your time in Kananaskis more rewarding - events, activities, information, guides, tours, etc.

Who should have access, to do what? Is the multi-use policy working?

Do we need new and/or better recreation facilities? What?

Are you concerned about your safety or the impact of industrial/agricultural activities?

What is the role of First Nations in Kananaskis?

How important is the visual appeal of Kananaskis?

The forest is important for the health an appeal of Kananaskis. Is it being managed well?

Ranchers use Kananaskis to graze cattle. Is that a problem or benefit?

Do we need to know more about the area? About what; ecology, tourism, industry, agriculture?

Fishing and hunting is restricted in some areas. Is this good or bad?

Some special events are restricted. Should there be more or less access for large groups and commercial operators?

Is it time to change boundaries and jurisdiction? How?

Should we protect cultural, historical, palaeontological resources?

What new facilities and/or programs are needed?

What's interesting about K-Country?
What's wrong with it?