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Do we need new and/or better recreation facilities? What?


We need to keep them updated and safe but I'm not sure that we need more than are already there.
trails - some new, some improved.

An interpretation/information center would be very beneficial to help direct users to the many available resources in the area. In the more popular gathering places, increased facilities like public washrooms and group picnic areas could facilitate more events in the area.

The land and sky are in fact the recreation facilities required. Please avoid building tourist attractions and large tourist draws. This undermines the real reason for being in Kananaskis.

No. No more golf courses, ski hills, or helicopter traffic. They seem too invasive.

I don't think it's necessary, but it might be nice to have a place for people to relax, have a snack indoors and create central gathering places.

Yes. The trail network needs more maintenance and additional official trail links need to be recognized (where good trails already exist unofficially), or constructed, where those links don't properly exist.

more camping facilities, more golf courses

We do not need more structure-type facilities (no more buildings) but additional trails that are properly built would be great. That doesn't mean crushed rock or pavement but narrow single track trails.

i'm a purist. I don't need more info centers or tours to make kananaskis a better place. trail upgrades for hiking, cont'd admin of the parking areas/bathrooms etc

No, keep maintaining what is there

I think expanding some of the campsites would be a good idea, and I really miss the day use pinic areas that had fire pits/stoves.

Most facilities are doing just fine the way they are, but with more and more people visiting Kananaskis, new and/or better facilities might be a good idea in some places.

No But pooping in remote areas needs to be dealt with. Need remote outhouses that are emptied.

The facilities are fine as they are. This is a wild area, the facilities should accommodate the visitor load, but preserve the surroundings.



More camping and more supervsion of these sites. Also more school sites for outreach camps / daysites for school children. We need less special interest camps.

Yes. Huts and info centers. Better signage. Help educate people while they are out on the trails.

The camping spots in Peter Lougheed are beautiful. It's just tough to get in there.

The current facilities, I feel are excellent. To make them any more amenable would be a waste of money and intrude to far into the wilderness aspect of K-country.

On the whole I would say that kananskis has some of the best recreational facilities around.