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Do we need to know more about the area? About what; ecology, tourism, industry, agriculture?

Ecology and tourism.

What we really need to know is who in this right-wing provincial government and the conservative caucus benefits financially from allowing oil & gas exploration, forestry, ranching, agriculture, bear hunting licenses etc. Once this becomes public knowledge, we might be able to sway public opinion towards protecting Kananaskis.

We know very little about the ecology of the area, so it is hard to believe we could accurately manage resource extraction when we don't understand how the system works in an unperturbed state. I think the current levels of tourism can be sustainable if limited to specifically designated areas. The interaction of industry and agriculture on the landscape is definately something to investigate.

tourism! let's make the money that way and allow recreation rather than logging the area.
we need to learn more about tourism and especially ecology (specifically the pine beetle)

Ecology. If people understood the delicate balance that exists between species (plant and animal) in the Kananaskis region, they may be driven to protect the area from logging.

I suspect we already know what we need. The area needs to be isolated from industrial and agricultural activity!!!

We can always learn more about the ecology of a place but aside from that there is nothing.

We need to know far more about ecology, the current state of the park, and how to maintain its beauty and foster positive growth.

YES! I realize logging companies had access to the area designated as Kananaskis well before the area was designated as such, however nothing remains static and policies must change as does everything else. Trying to manage an area like it was managed sixty years ago is stupid. We have more infomation now and new techniques developed to replace older more destructive ones. Why wouldn't we use them. Ecology is dynamic, industry tied to the area seems to be static. Learning is a continual process, as we learn more about ecology we need to re-assess how industry operates in a given area, and we need to re-assess what options tourism has and how it can function. If cattle grazing is doing no good for the area then we need to re-assess how it is done.