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Some special events are restricted. Should there be more or less access for large groups and commercial operators?

Less access by large groups and commercial groups

I think large events and commercial operators can be accomodated in specific areas if the facilities and resources are available to them. These events can be low impact if restricted to certain locations if the facilities are upgraded to accomodate them. I have trouble believing large groups could have the same impact as the current resource extraction is having in the area. There seems to be a disconnect here.

It depends on what activities. Historically large trail runs, bike races have taken place without in my opinion a huge impact. However if we allow unrestricted camping, motorized ATV access we will end up with a mess. If any future development is to take place it should be small scale, eg back country type accomadation. Large hotels and golf courses are not needed. K country is close enough to Calgary that it is accessible for day trips for tourist operations

Some non-profit events can help keep Kananaskis interesting to a broader audience, but commercial use should be stopped.

There must be strict guidelines about all individuals and groups using the park to adhere to low impact standards, any operator or special event must respect these standards.

The system is good the way it is.

Less access.

It depends on there footprint- if it can be kept small and is respective of the environment then maybe

It is pretty good the way it is.

more if at all possible. I think the loss of Trans Rockies was short sighted. We can't ride a few bikes but logging's OK...?!

Less for any sort of commercial things.

More access as long as they are properly planned and apporved

Access for large groups and commercial operators should be completely restricted. Typically, commercial operators are concerned ultimately with finances and the environment second. This ethic allows the park to suffer.

Are these large groups and commercial operators using durable surfaces, are they in an area where they will not be trampling sensitive flora and fauna. I think if if sites are built to host large groups and commercial operators, such as Patties Flats, then they should be more then welcome to use them. How many of these sites should be developed would depend on the number of user groups wanting into the area and an assessment of ecological factors that would be threatened from further development of these sites