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The Elbow and Bow Rivers supply Calgary's water. What should we do to ensure the quality and quantity of water?

create a park and prohibit industrial uses and development.

Maintenance of riparian buffers that meet or exceed standards to prevent erosion and sedimentation.

Future investment

The watershed needs to be protected from clearcutting, and siltation. The Oil & Gas industry seems to be detrimental too. The stuff I see in the creeks now that used to run clean makes me sick. The water looks like it is toxic!

Protect the environment surrounding the headwaters and tributaries of the Rivers. Designate those areas Protected Parks where no industrial activity can occur and limit access and extraction points to the waters for agrculture

Improve human sanitation (toilet facilities), careful siting of forestry activities, elimination of gravel road surfaces, and water quality monitoring.

Keep it clean

Leave the environment the way it is...it evolved that way for a reason.

No motorized vehicles within 500 m of open water, (bridges on main access roads excepted), no logging, limit access to water from livestock (to ensure bank integrity).

Not log anywhere near them - this causes the watersheds to lose stability. The pollutants and debris that arise from logging also affect water quality.

Limit the amount of cattle waste which gets into the rivers

Keep the watershed fully in-tact. The forest is a huge filter, and I'm amazed that while the Bow river is fully allocated the government is permitting the removal of vegetation that helps ensure seasonal flows and water quality.

Legal protection of the rivers and their watersheds. Serious fines and jail time for abusers and polluters. Access points developed for the public to access the river to use it, and outhouses at the access points, but the rest of the shoreline to be protected from access to reduce erosion.

Stop logging. Calgary should invest in securing its watershed

keep the commerical impact to the river up stream of calgary to a minimal.

Minimize cattle operations upstream. Cattle waste is the number one casue of water contamination in the Elbow river.

RESTRICT horseback riders from letting their animals deficating or urinating atleast 150m from any bodies of water. ENSURE that any companies near any bodies of water aren't polluting it in any way. We are inhabitants of this planet and we MUST take care of it for now and the future

protect the eastern slopes

Absolutely NO to logging anywhere near there.

Water quality is a factor of downstream use and as long as all users ensure they do their part to protect the streams no issues should arise.

Stop watering the golf course in K-Country! Also, heavier restrictions on industry in the parks, especially oil and gas.

if we desire to have a continued supply of good drinking water, we should be protecting the rivers from pollution from the start to the end

STOP CLEAR CUTTING! It doesn't make sense and it has a net negative impact on river health that has a direct negative impact on ecological and human health.