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- of the rally, of the logging or of any other visual idea you may have. You could play with an image to make a point. One correspondent suggested we clear-cut Morton - shave his head using Photoshop.

dirty water

Save Kananaskis rally photos

On November 2, about 100 people attended a rally to support the campaign to Save Kananaskis. We heard David Swann, Ralph Cartar and Paola Romanelli ask us to continue to work for change.

city protest

About 100 people took their message to stop logging and create a park, to the streets of Calgary.

tags as signs

Participants used our Tag-A-Tree disks to make their point. Placards read; "Create a Park", "A Place for People", "Save Kananaskis . . . For the Water, For our Kids, For Wildlife, etc."

david swann and harry chase

David Swann said the government landuse policy was short-sighted and that the people were far ahead of the government on recognizing the need to balance preservation with development.

speakers at the Save Kananaskis rally

The rally was held to tell Calgarians that logging has begun in the area where we want to create a park.

a great day for dissent

The location at Memorial Drive and the Louise bridge was relatively easy to get to and hundreds of passing motorists saw our signs, took our postcards and some honked their support.

ralph cartar speaks

Ralph Cartar said the government isn't paying attention and that visitors to Kananaskis will be shocked to see clear-cut forests near Barrier Lake next spring.

scott deihl sings

An enthusiastic crowd joined in singing the "These Trees Are Our Trees" song perfomed by Scott Diehl.