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Download a 4-page summary of our KanQuiz survey results.

A copy of the KanQuiz in Acrobat format (printable) is availble here

Maps of the Recreation Areas in northeastern Kananaskis with a few detail maps of the Elbow Valley areas.

Kananaskis Country Management Plan - Terms of Reference, Nov. 2007

Tourism, Parks, Recreation and Culture media release calling for input on Kananaskis park and recreation plans

Parks classification of levels of protection in Kananaskis

Managing Kananaskis


Use the "Management Planning" link to see how they decide what kind of park to create, who will have access and what they can do there.


Response to the Provincial Recreation Areas Management Plan

The Kananaskis Administration asked for input to the review of the Management Plan for the parking lots, campsites and trailheads in the Elbow and Sibbald districts - the area where we propose to create a park.

We put their questions along with our own on the Savekananaskis.ca web site under the name KanQuiz. Over 150 people provided useful, detailed answers. Everyone who answered the "Create A Park?" question said Yes. Let me underline that; support for the create a park campaign was unanimous. Thank you. And before you say so what, you should know that there were surveys submitted from loggers and people who work in the oil & gas industry. You can read the summary here: http://savekananaskis.ca/pdf/survey_summary.pdf. You can get all the detailed responses here: http://savekananaskis.ca/inf/quizresults/quizresults.htm

The draft plan did not address the issue of creating a park in the north-eastern area of Kananaskis. The administration said this review would not examine the idea of expanding the park boundary when they asked for comments on their draft plan.

We asked people to submit an online vote for a park. Ninety-six people registered their vote in favour of a park. We sent this comment on the draft plan.

As you have rejected the Save Kananaskis Wild Lands Society’s proposal to create a park in north-eastern Kananaskis you will likely want to ignore the 96 people who registered their support for a park in an online vote held on our web site this summer. You should know that the refusal of the government and its agencies to recognize and respond to the call for creation of a park is profoundly disturbing.

Our campaign to create a park has been ongoing for over 3 years. Some highlights:
Minister Morton acknowledged, in 2006, receiving over 700 letters complaining against, and pleading for an end to, the government policy to support a large-scale logging operation in the region. David Swann, a Liberal MLA, said he received more mail on this subject than on any other.
Hundreds more letters have been sent over the years.
Over 1200 people signed a petition calling for creation of a park. That petition was presented to the legislature in 2007.
The Tag-A-Tree campaign produced and distributed about 7,000 tags bearing the message “Save Kananaskis”. People hung the tags on their property and on trees in Kananaskis as an expression of their concern over the impending loss of their recreational playground and the natural area that helps sustain them and the wildlife that live there.
Over 150 people completed our questionnaire, including the questions from your request for input on the Recreation Area Management Plan. Every one of those respondents who answered the Create a Park or Leave it alone question said, “Create a Park”.
Hundreds of people have turned out for a protest rallies and public meetings.
Endless hours have been devoted to developing and presenting well-founded arguments for the creation of a park.

What do we get? Bulldozers destroying the Trans Canada Trail and the wanton destruction of a highly valued natural area 20 minutes from a city of 1-million people. Why do you refuse to acknowledge your responsibility to the citizens of that city, their neighbours and the people of Alberta?