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Logging the Trans Canada Trail

January 3, 2008

Logging trucks are driving on the Trans Canada Trail in Kananaskis.


If the trees could talk:

October 22, 2007

- logging underway
- video
- rally

In the media

Fri, August 8, 2008

If a tree falls in K-Country ...


It's been called Alberta's dirty little secret.

But for motorists confined to the province's main blacktops, it's a secret no longer.

Approaching Kananaskis' Barrier Lake from the north on Hwy. 40, a once pristinely scenic view is now marred by two hideous clear-cut gashes.

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August 13, 2008

Province evaluates K-Country practices

By Blair Braitenbach
Staff reporter

The provincial government’s efforts to maintain natural areas around Bragg Creek is a good start, but won’t be enough to combat Sustainable Resource Development’s (SRD) logging mandate, according to an environmental lobbyist from the area.

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June 26, 2008
Fast Forward Weekly
by Adrian Morrow

Kananaskis logging could cause Calgary floods
Bragg Creek residents charge park is needed to protect K-Country

The City of Calgary is concerned that, because the forest absorbs excess rainwater and releases it slowly into the rivers, logging the area could cause flooding during the spring runoff and lead to lower water levels in the late summer. Deforestation can also cause more dirt, including metals and minerals, to wash directly into rivers, which could cause algae to grow in the city’s reservoirs.

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June 24, 2008
Calgary Herald
By Kelly Cryderman

New Provincial Park urged for K-Country

A new provincial park should be created out of small recreation areas south and west of Bragg Creek to better protect a key watershed and Calgary's drinking water, says a new draft planning report on Kananaskis Country.

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February, 2008
Casper Star-Tribune (Wyoming)
Chris Merrill - environment reporter
Tuesday, February 19, 2008

LANDER -- The U.S. Forest Service's plan for targeted logging in the Medicine Bow National Forest is a knee-jerk reaction which will do nothing to stop the spread of pine beetles, a Laramie-based conservation group says.

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Calgary Sun - February 8


Septhon's just as awed by the short-sightenedness of a provincial government that quietly gave the go-ahead last year to log areas minutes away from city limits -- part of a refuge from an increasingly hectic urban jungle.



Fast Forward - January 31

Fire is used not only as a precedent for the use of clearcuts in our forests, but also as a reason. Many argue that our forests, due to successful fire suppression to save timber resources, homes and hikers, has resulted in forests that are over mature, that need removal in one form or another, either to help nature and its fickle cycles, or to prevent a major fire event.


Read a comment on this article by Doug Sephton

Okotoks Western Wheel - January 16

Whenimagining the landscape of Kananaskis Country, one typically picturesvast forests intermingled with gently running streams, fresh airand breath taking views. An environmental group from the Bragg Creekarea is arguing that a clear cutting operation approved by AlbertaSustainable Resource Development (SRD) is tearing that image toshreds.

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The Cochrane Eagle - January 16

A group that hopes to create a protected park in the eastern Kananaskis Country is upset logging trucks are rolling over nation-wide recreational trails.


CBC News - January 11, 2008

Ted Morton isn't budging. He says the beetle will wipe out 80% of the forest. Ralph Cartar says they won't. The news is that the forest in Kananaskis is being hauled to the mill at a rate of 24 truckloads per day.

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Fast Forward - January 10, 2008  by Jeremy Klaszus

Two months after the provincial government spent more than $1 million to expand the Trans Canada Trail in Alberta, a Cochrane company has turned parts of the trail system in Kananaskis into logging roads for clear cutting

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Innovation Alberta - January 12, 2008

They say it takes two to tango. But in the case of the mountain pine beetle that’s threatening western forests, that little dance number requires a threesome. There’s the beetle, the pine tree, of course, and the third dance partner is the fungus that shadows the beetle wherever it moves.

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December, 2007

Cochrane Eagle - December 19, 2007

A letter to the editor includes this comment. "For those Albertans who donated money in memory of a loved one or as a gift, the prospect of damage and destruction to the (Trans Canada - ed.) Trail is not easily understood."


November, 2007

Calgary Herald - Nov. 21

An article in the Calgary Herald titled "Logging begins in K-Country" covered our concern that the commercial logging in Kananaskis does not recognize the hundreds of thousands of people and hundreds of businesses that use and rely on it.

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Cochrane Eagle - Nov. 14

Logging of Kananaskis defended as valuable tool
The woodlands manager at Spray Lake Sawmills said logging in that area is a valuable forest conservation tool.
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The Canmore Leader

The newspaper published an article referring to the petition.
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Cochrane Eagle on the rally - Nov. 7

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Okotoks Western Wheel covers the campaign

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