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Logging the Trans Canada Trail

For immediate release

January 3, 2008

Bragg Creek, AB – Logging trucks are driving on the Trans Canada Trail in Kananaskis. Skiers and hikers using the Old Baldy Pass/Lusk Pass trail in the Sibbald district, now have to deal with a steady stream of logging trucks hauling trees to the Spray Lakes Sawmills yard in Cochrane. People who donated to help develop the trail, often in memory of loved ones, are angry that bulldozers have ripped up the trail and feller/bunchers are clear-cutting the landscape.

The portion of the Trans Canada Trail that runs through Kananaskis, begins in West Bragg Creek on the Tom Snow Trail. It skirts Moose Mountain, connecting with the Coxhill Ridge and Jumpingpound Ridge trails before it joins the Lusk Pass and Baldy Pass trails where it enters protected parkland around Barrier Lake. The unprotected area of Northeastern Kananaskis falls under the jurisdiction of Alberta Sustainable Resource Development. That department doesn’t recognize the trails as important recreational resources. According to the contract reached with the mill last July, the primary use of Kananaskis is for the production of lumber. The minister of Tourism, Parks, Recreation and Culture might not agree, he invested $1.2-million to develop the Trans Canada Trail last October, saying, "It draws important tourism dollars to communities across Alberta, and gives Albertans a great way to stay active while enjoying our province's natural beauty." But, his department has no jurisdictional control over trails in Sibbald. They’re just lines on their map.

The Save Kananaskis group has campaigned long and hard to stop logging and create a park in Northeastern Kananaskis. It is very disturbing to see this beautiful wild land destroyed. You can see photos, maps and read more about this issue on their web site, www.savekan.ca.



Doug Sephton

Box 781

Bragg Creek, AB T0L 0K0

E-mail: info@savekananaskis.ca

Phone: 403-949-4274